Dealing in cross-border trade in Canada? You need a Custom broker!

Canada is pretty stringent when it comes to imports and exports. If you plan to engage in international trade, you have to stay compliant to the necessary norms and regulations and must pay the duties and tariffs as applicable. Custom brokers, as the name suggests, deal in Customs clearance, and they have a legitimate role. All Custom brokers in Canada must be licensed by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). Working with a service like Clearit customs brokerage has many advantages for importers, and in this post, we are discussing further on what a Custom broker can do for your company.

What can a Custom broker do for your business?

At the basic level, Custom brokers do the initial work involved in release of the shipment. Once you have shared the details required, they will take care of the documentation and submit the same to Customs electronically to process the clearance needs. They will also confirm the entry of goods and will work with your team to ensure that all the relevant duties are paid in full and as per the current requirements. They can further offer help for transportation of goods. Most Custom brokers also offer advice and consultation to importers on varied aspects of importing, so that they are compliant as required and can prevent the consequences related to fee payments and other aspects.

Do I really need a Custom broker?

To be fair, there is no law that makes it mandatory to hire a Custom broker. It is absolutely a personal choice of sorts, but an important one. Keep in mind that that there isn’t much you know about Customs and the changes there on, and therefore, there are inherent risks of making mistakes. Risk management is one of the foremost reasons as why you may need a Custom broker, and we recommend that you hire a service just to keep all things in check. In addition to that, having your team for tracking changes in policies and regulations can be an expensive affair, especially when you are just starting with international trade.

An experienced Custom broker is like an asset for any importer. They know what is required to get things done, and they will help in reducing costs and expenses while staying compliant at the same time. They can also advise on trade agreement and changes in policies, so that you can do business without any worries.