All About Working With A Customs Brokers For Importing And More!

International trade is subject to a myriad of compliance requirements, regulations and rules. If you want to import goods to US for business purposes and commercial gains, you must keep up with the norms and requirements. Owing to the nature of complications involved in imports, businesses often engage Customs brokers, such as ClearitUSA. The role of a Customs broker, at least at the basic level, is to ensure that shipments are cleared as soon as possible, after completing the required paperwork and paying the applicable duties and taxes. Of course, there’s a free involved with such services, which is typically a percentage of the value of goods imported. In this post, we are talking of the aspects that businesses and importers must know about Customs brokers.

Reviewing different services

As in any industry, not all Customs brokers and the services they offer are same. It is absolutely necessary to find a service that has everything for your importing needs. Typically, Customs brokers deal in a specific set of services, and the list may include –

  • Valuation of customs
  • Tariff classification
  • Custom clearance
  • Consultation for international trade
  • Evaluation of duties and taxes
  • Transportation assistance
  • Important assistance for non-US citizens
  • Advice on free trade agreements
  • Assistance with refunds
  • Paperwork for complicated shipments

Things to know

If you want a Customs broker to act on your behalf, you have to sign a power of attorney that allows them to work on your behalf. It is also a good idea to discuss your requirements in advance and evaluate the charges, which is typically a percentage of the value of goods or shipment. Check if the concerned Customs broker will deal in all kinds of air, ocean, and inland shipments and if they have their valid license and other necessary permits. If this is about generic imports, the process can be complicated online, and there are no complications involved, as long as you have the commercial invoice and other information.

Final word

There is no law that states that hiring a Customs broker is necessary for importing and international trade, and yet, businesses, regardless of the size or niche, choose to hire them from time to time. Knowing that you are importing as per norms and are compliant to relevant rules and regulations offers considerable peace of mind, and with a Customs broker, you can be assured of all that and more.