Key Asset Finance Solutions to Help your Business Grow

During the first 6-12 months, a new business could go either way; it might be poorly managed, or have an ineffective marketing, or simply run out of money, and when you do need extra investment for key asset acquisition, it is vital that you have access to the funds to finance the asset purchase. Many small businesses start out very small scale, outsourcing almost everything, but if things go well, it won’t be long before the business needs to buy machinery, or a fleet of vehicles, and that requires additional finance.

Online Business Lenders

Rather than talking to your local bank manager regarding a loan to acquire assets, there are specialist online lenders who offer asset finance at very reasonable rates, and with rapid approval, many business owners receive the funds on the same day as they submitted the application.

Asset Lending Solutions

There are a number of ways you can get the equipment or machinery that you need, which include:

  • Leasing options for commercial vehicles.
  • Operating Lease – This arrangement is when the lender is responsible for the maintenance of the asset.
  • Equipment Rental – When the equipment is owned by the lender, which is rented by the borrower.
  • Tech Rental – When a business requires expensive tech equipment, they can rent from the lender.
  • Hire Purchase – The monthly payments that end with the borrower becoming the owner.

If your business is growing rapidly and you need to invest heavily in equipment or other assets, search online for a lender that focuses on business loans and they would have attractive asset finance solutions that will enable your business to continue to grow.

Dealing with a Reputable Australian Lender

When looking for finance to acquire key assets, you should apply to a well-known and respected lender, one that has been helping Australian businesses for years, and with quick online solutions, you can receive pre-approval within minutes. Simply enter the information fields and then click on ‘submit’ and your application will be considered based on the information provided, and as time is of the essence, the funds are transferred very soon after loan approval.

Many small businesses have folded because they couldn’t raise the capital to acquire essential business assets, but with the online business loan provider, you can usually find a quick solution with one of the many finance/lease/rental options that will empower you to move forward.

Search online for an asset finance provider and they have a package to perfectly suit you and your business.